The IQECO31, 32, 35 and 38 are terminal unit controllers for use with BACnet over MS/TP. They can communicate with other IQECOs over the BACnet MS/TP network, and with Trend networked devices by using an IQ4NC. They have from 10 to 18 I/O channels, and can be supplied either fully programmable or with a fixed strategy.
The IQECO can be purchased either as a fully programmable or a fixed strategy model. A wide range of strategies can be downloaded to the units to provide pre-configured functionality for a host of different applications. They are classified as Entry level (E), Basic (B) or Plus (P)and can be downloaded into the respective controllers. The more popular application strategies can be ordered directly from the factory. Please see price list for details. The fixed strategy controllers will allow a degree of configuration while the programmable models allow complete flexibility. Should it be necessary to upgrade from a fixed to programmable an unlock is available.
The IQECO standard strategy controls a fan coil units heat/cool outputs, and on/off fan, in response to a thermistor temperature sensor with a local setpoint knob and a local switch input (window contact, pushbutton, or Passive Infra Red movement detector input). The WR2 strategy is for waterside 2 pipe units controlling 1 raise/lower (floating point) valve actuator. The strategy is designed to work with TB/TS Trend Thermistor Room Sensors. The strategy supports the fitting of a WMB Room Display module without further configuration.
Modelo IQeco 31
Aplicación 1 velocidad de ventilador
Control Agua/Raise/Lower/2 tubos
Biblioteca Lib.2: Basic
Unidades Metricas
Disponibilidad Pre-instalado/descargado
Programable24VIQE31/P/BAC/1SFANWR2B/24VAC TXT
Programable230VIQE31/P/BAC/1SFANWR2B/230 TXT