Trend IQX12 Controller

The IQX controller uses the powerful Niagara N4 platform for plant room and unitary control and advanced integration. The integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch enables fast, easy communication with other IQX controllers and IP-enabled devices, together with easy integration with third party OT (operational technology) networks and cloud-based solutions.
The onboard 3 universal inputs, 3 universal inputs/outputs and 6 digital output channels allow interfacing to traditional sensors, actuators, etc., and can be easily expanded up to 172 channels (i.e. physical points) using IQXIO Expansion Modules. Sylk bus connectivity is also provided for room control devices. System programming is accomplished using IQVISION, and a feature-rich HTML5 interface can be fully customised to provide end-users with web-enabled monitoring and control.
IQX12 also includes the following features:
Integrated 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch
Daisy chain networking with fault tolerance using RSTP
IOT ready JSON, MQTT & Honeywell Forge cloud connections
Cyber security based on ISA 62443-3-3 SL4
12 points of onboard I/O expandable up to 172 points
Built-in HOA (hand, off , auto) control functionality
HTML5 views and analytics from any level of the system

IQX12 Controller
Product description: IQX12 point unitary controller with pressure sensor and 50 open points