Trend IQView4 Local Touch Screen Display

The IQView4 is a touch screen display which provides an interface to an IQ controller by way of its local supervisor port. It allows access to modules, graphs, alarms, and timezones.
It has a 4.3 (109.2 mm) LCD touch screen colour display, and is housed with the electronics in a single unit suitable for rear panel mount applications. As well as a Home screen, the unit can be programmed with a number of favourite screens.
RS232 connection options
Rear panel mount with front cover
24 Vac/dc input power supply
Colour touch screen display
Connects directly to IQ controller local supervisor port
Compatible with IQ1s (v5 and above), IQ2s, IQ3s
Key click sounder
View of inputs, outputs, directories, logs
Adjustment of knobs, switches, time zones, time