Trend Differential Pressure Transmitter for gas and liquid (DT)

The DT Differential Pressure Transmitters are suitable for measuring differential pressures in liquid and gaseous media. They operate according to the piezo-resistive measuring principle. The measurement cell is welded into a seal-less stainless steel measurement chamber.
Typical areas of application include:
Refrigeration and HVAC/R
Electrical connection: Plug DIN EN 175301
Medium type: liquid or gas
Kind of pressure: differential pressure, relative
Sensing element material: Stainless Steel
Media temp.: -15...100C
Pressure connection: 2 x G1/8"
Protection class: IP65

3-wire-system, output signal 0-10 V, Power Supply: 24VAC/DC +/-10%
Pressure range: 0...6bar
Max. pressure: 30bar
Output Signal: 0..10V
Supply voltage: 24 Vac/dc
Wiring system: 3-wire