Trend Differential pressure transmitter for air (DPTE)

Differential pressure transmitter for air-conditioning/ventilation.
Air-conditioning and ventilation systems, Building automation, Environmental protection, Fan and ventilation control, Valve and shutter control, Filter and fan monitoring
Pressure connection: 6mm hose pipe
Electrical connection: M20x1,5
Protection class: IP54
Housing material: ABS and POM
Sensing method: piezoresistive
Media temp.: 0...50C
Duct Kit DPSK included in delivery of single package.
Medium type: air
Kind of pressure: differential pressure, relative
Sensing element material: ABS + POM

2-wire models, analog output 4 - 20 mA, supply voltage 16 ... 32 Vdc
Pressure range: 0...1000/2500Pa
Max. pressure: 40kPa
Output Signal: 4..20mA
Supply voltage: 24 Vdc
Wiring system: 2-wire