Trend IQeco35 keine Strategie

The IQECO31, 32, 35 and 38 are terminal 
unit controllers for use with BACnet 
over MS/TP. They can communicate with 
other IQECOs over the BACnet MS/TP 
network, and with Trend networked 
devices by using an IQ4NC. They have 
from 10 to 18 I/O channels, and can be 
supplied either fully programmable or 
with a fixed strategy.
The IQECO can be purchased either as a 
fully programmable or a fixed strategy 
model.  A wide range of strategies can 
be downloaded to the units to provide 
pre-configured functionality for a host 
of different applications. They are 
classified as Entry level (E), Basic 
(B) or Plus (P)and can be downloaded 
into the respective controllers. The 
more popular application strategies can 
be ordered directly from the factory. 
Please see price list for details. The 
fixed strategy controllers will allow a 
degree of configuration while the 
programmable models allow complete 
flexibility. Should it be necessary to 
upgrade from a fixed to programmable an 
unlock is available.
Geräte, die die Bezeichnung No 
Strategy enthalten, werden ohne 
Strategie ausgeliefert. Die 
programmierbare Station /P/ kann mit 
SET programmiert werden oder es kann 
eine  feste standard Strategie /F/ mit 
SET heruntergeladen werden. 
Typ: IQeco 35
Strategietyp: Keine Strategie

Programmierbarkeit: Fest
Spannungsversorgung: 24V